Ch. Sunrises Simply Irresistible LG

Bred by Missy Dreyer and Cathy De La Garza , Addie is our first girl in quite some time and most certainly Daddy's little girl.  She rules the roost and gives our boys a run for their money.   Her tail is always wagging and she's never met a stranger (or at least someone who didn't deserve a lick).  Although she can be a hurricane in the house, she is trusting and fearless - this is the girl who managed to take a nap in the aisles of her very first, very crowded puppy match and slurped the judge during her exam!  Her lovely expression can melt anyone's heart and we believe that she exemplifies the breed standard in both conformation and temperament.  We have high hopes that judges will agree and it seems they have.  Addie finished 11/25/07 by taking her third major under Bonnie Linnell Clarke.  She has been exclusively owner-handled by Mommy Debbie and would have certainly preferred to be shown in the open diva class (although she reluctantly settled for open fawn).  She is co-owned with Missy and she has our deepest gratitude for sharing both her knowledge of the breed and this girl with us!