About Us

Welcome to Ladrido Grande (Big Bark) - Debbie and Steve Oliver's cyberhome dedicated to our Great Danes.  Danes have been a part of our lives since 1987. While I was at a conference in Texas, my husband and sons decided to visit a woman in southern New Jersey who was advertising a Dane puppy. When they arrived, the breeder had decided to keep the pup but offered her four-year old mantle bitch as available. Believing that I would find it easier to accept a full-grown housetrained dog (cat lover that I am), my husband accepted the offer. When I arrived home from the airport, our Nikka greeted me. Unfortunately, my husband and sons were at the soccer field, so I couldn't get in the house until they came home! Nikka soon won my heart (and even the respect of our cat). She lived until the age of eight.

Months after we lost our Nikka, we decided that our home was incomplete without a Dane. We were fortunate enough to discover our Mandy (Larlyn's Wind Beneath My Wings). She was a beautiful one-year old fawn with an even more beautiful personality. She was our constant companion, an honorary member of our sons' soccer teams, and a true diplomat for the breed. At the age of 10, she began to limp. Three days later, our vet diagnosed her with osteosarcoma. We opted for palliative therapy only and she lived comfortably at home for another eight months following her diagnosis.

While we knew we could not replace our Mandy, I had found that, after fifteen years of sharing our home with a dog, I couldn't bear the thought of being "Daneless." Our search led us to Carol Thomas of Patriot Danes and the acquisition of "Big O's Jack Daniels Black." We did not intend to show our dog; however, that all changed the day that Carol encouraged us to attend a puppy match at the Great Dane Club of Raritan Valley. I was clueless - but Jake had a ball!! My husband and I knew nothing of the work involved in showing a dog (how hard could it be LOL) and I was elected to be the handler.  By the time we realized how much effort the "dog show game" really was, we were hooked!

This site is dedicated to the past, present, and future Danes in our lives - we hope you enjoy your visit!